Sunday Market

We are proud to join (literally) the most happening event in Surabaya,
Sunday Market!

Organized by Soledad & The Sisters Co.,
Creative Weekend and Surabaya Town Square, Sunday Market is a conceptual flea market combining four elements—Fashion, Music, Art and Good Food—into one packed of entertainment.
We always love the cozy Sunday atmosphere where friends and family can spend some quality time. And we love the PEOPLE!

 Vol. 3 NYC – September 1, 2013

SM NY Poster

SM New York


Vol. 4 Tokyo Rising – December 21-22, 2013

SM TR Poster

Processed with VSCOcam umbrellas

Vol. 5 Love Affair – February 23, 2014

SM LA Poster



Vol. 7 Merdeka Bung! – August 16-17, 2014

SM MB Poster
SM Merdeka Bung