Hello Jakarta!

Before Laréia happened, we both used to work in Jakarta. The city left a bittersweet memory as we moved back to our hometown, Surabaya, at the end of 2012. We missed our awesome friends and community in J-town. So when we first opened Laréia online shop in Surabaya, many of our friends asked if we could deliver to Jakarta (thanks to Instagram that makes the world smaller and making visuals easier to spread around). All we could do back then was hand-carrying a few cakes whenever we traveled. Unfortunately we didn’t even fly out that often. So we finally decided to open an online shop in Jakarta as well (and using “business trip” as an excuse to visit the city often).

8 months after Surabaya, Jakarta branch opened!

Eleazer Erwin Ongkowijoyo was a little boy when we first knew him, always running around in the school cafeteria. He just graduated from communication school when we broke the news that we’re gonna open a kitchen in Jakarta and that we needed a manager. He jumped on the opportunity believing that this job is more than just selling cakes but also making meaningful relationships with our customers and community. He was spot on and still is!

Steven Huang is one of our good friends’ brother. He has a diploma in cooking but ended up baking more. He’s the kind of person who loves to tinker, work, and create with his hands. And guess what? His skill set is perfect for making our beautiful cakes!


Today Laréia Jakarta turns 1 year old. We couldn’t be happier working with them both, the best caretakers ever! We can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

Thank you for all the hard work! We love you, (silly) boys!

Lots of love,
Karin & Andrea

Market Museum Jakarta: Scrumptious Circus

Scrumptious Circus Poster

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Market Museum Jakarta: Retro City

Retro City Poster Retro City